phlegm in the neck after radiation

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tamy wife has nasopharyngeal cancer and is cured 8 months ago. But there is a lot of phlegm around the neck, the phlegm is not in the airway or throat, it seems to be in between the glands. She has a very very hard time to suck it out but it formed back right away in minute. Sometime the phlegm moved to the back of her neck, she has a headache and when the phlegm travel down just under her throat she is hard to breath. Any one has the same problems and any cured found. Please help her, she is very depressed.thank you. sam


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    Although I have survived tongue cancer, sometimes the phlegm gets to be a bit much also, what I have found is to sip on something sprite, seven up. It does take a bit to get use to because the radiation has intensified the senses in my tongue but it may help. I'm not sure if it will help your wife, but it may be worth a try. Take care and God Bless. Theresa
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    I was treated for tonsillar cancer in 2003 i had a radical neck disection followed by radiotherapy and chemo,the result is i have very little saliva now and can fully appreciate the problems your wife is experiencing. Being of British blood i find hot weak tea (with milk!) does the job for me but i would agree that carbonated spring water is a good solution (no pun intended) but find cabonated flavoured drinks can be very asringent and leave me with a very dry mouth.
    Hope this helps and that everything goes well for you both - I think the secret of beating this cancer is to put it in its place - its a minor consideration, not worthy of your time - the doctors have given you your life back - go live it to the full.
    I know this is easier said than done and only those who have experienced the relentless reminders would know how difficult it is to put cancer on the back burner but this is what must be done to get a life after cancer.
    best wishes Derek
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    I can relate, I was a regular phlegm factory for about 9 months after treatmetn stopped. I found sleep upright helped alot otherwise the phlegm would pool and I would either wake up choking or spend several hours in the AM clearing myself out. There are suction devices that help clear it out ut they are noisey to use. I tried club soda but couldn't handle the carbonation. what seemed to work was baking sda with a pinch of salt. It loostened up the phlegm and didn't dry me out. I was told to mix 1 tablespoon per quart of water. I typically would use 2 tablespoons.