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Hi there, thanks everyone for all the quick guys are a wealth of knowledge. I am just heading down to the hospital now, I feel alot better knowing more about the lymph nodes.


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    Aw, thats ok Sylvia. One of the reasons I try to post replies quickly is 'cos you guys are almost 24 hours behind me which means I often post so long after a topic is displayed that cobwebs are beginning to form and I usually have an answer that is on the bottom of the posted topic. By that time the topic has left the 1st page and nobody reads my!
    The second reason I try to post quickly is self evident from this reply here....I am sitting in front of my puta unable to sleep 4.00am in the morning! I always knew living "upside down" had its disavanages...he!he!
    Just don't let the other guys read this or I will receive a mouthfull of "told yah those ozzies are strange"!