Employment following Surgery and Chemo

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I just past my 5 years on Bladder Cancer and continue to survive Carconoid and the Surgery. My Previous Employers (2001 and 2003) following my first diagnosis (Bladder Cancer) and second diagnosis (Carconoid) terminated my employment following treatments and cleared to travel (Training in sales and sales management in nanotechnology and photonics).

I have been looking for employment, having 25 interviews in 2005 have been unable to get to the offer, coming in 2 place 9 times.

I am looking for help, I realize my age is a factor but the knowledge I have in Marketing and Sales plus training and experience should have taken me to a least 3 offers.

I continue my job search in 2006 as I have in 03, 04 and 05. Do I have anyone out there who can provide me with insight?


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    OK, first of all I am sorry for your employment problems. I have gone threw the same. Under the Clinton Administration, President Clinton passed the American Disability Act. If and when you apply of any government job, you will be asked if you have a list of thing and one is cancer. You will get first preference. The U.S. Government will hire you.
    By the way, what do you do for a living?