Cloudy Lung on PET/CT???

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Ok got my scan results. My lower lungs are cloudy. The radiologist report says probable pneumonia. Pneumonia??!!! I don't feel sick at all.

So I'm a little weirded out. I'm glad that there wasn't positive spread anywhere else, but the uncertain lung stuff is a little worrisome.

I didn't get to talk to oncologist today, only surgeon. Surgeon seemed to think he should go ahead with liver surgery to remove known liver met that has been there all along.

Ick.. ick...

I'm wondering if anyone got these results from scans? Others with lung mets - what did they look like on scans?



  • CAMaura
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    Hey Maria,
    Sorry - as I cannot give you any real ifo. Just wanted to wish you well. I do not know what to make of the cloudy scans...Could you speak with the radiologist? Or call in a pulmonologist? I have worried about my lungs because of the suspected effects of chemo on them. I have a little rattle, but am able to swim soundly and have not had any probs yet with CT or X-ray.
    I know that this must be scary, but ask away of all of your resources - and your onc may be right in wanting to push forward with surgery. You might also speak with the anesthesiologist secured for your surgery; they know about the safety/risk factors as well. Take care and get some info to ease your mind. All the best to you and I know that things will run in a positive direction for you - Maura
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    Hi Maria,

    Goodness, I'm not sure about the lung issue either.

    I know you will gather all the information necessary to make you comfortable with the surgery decision. Please know I'm sending you my best.