My message of hope for the new year

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My name is Sandy Howard and I am a survivor!! I survived the poison, cut and burn, and have been taking Tamoxifen for 2 years.
After my treatment ended I expected pure euphoria, absolute relief and bliss. I was dead wrong. I was anxious, I cried, I was depressed, I had major insomnia, I was an emotional trainwreck. Can anybody relate to that?! Thankfully I found natural, gentle healing and wrote a book about my extraordinary healing journey. If you can relate to those emotions,or just need inspiration or encouragement during or after your cancer journey check out our website at, , send me your mailing address at and I will mail my book "Life After Chemo; Complete Emotional and Physical Healing is possible", free of charge, my gift to you. My dream is to help others who are needlessly suffering as I was. God Bless You All!!


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    Boy, Iam in the very same place as you Ihave had NHL, Melanoma and breast ca. I too am on tamoxifin and abhor the side effects but the alternative is notdo-able!!

    I can relate to each and every emotion you had. I still live in fear and that isn't good. I do expect a return one day of anyone of them. I dread the day I find a lump!!!I am a strong woman and proud of my survival not just of the disease, but the treatments.

    I too wish everyone good health and those who are in treatment pray,lean on others who want to help,think positive and look forward!
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    Boy, can I relate. Believe this, I actually started smoking again after quitting 25 yrs. ago. It helped me to relax and I felt it a better alternative to alcohol or sedatives. How marvelous you turned your anxiety into something so positive. I was ready to quit again when a close friend was dx in 11-05 at stage 4. I'm reliving my own worst nightmare. I'll be ordering your book. I need to stay positive to help her through this. She's so dear and this is sooo heartbreaking. Thanking you greatly in advance.