Tumors in the sinus - Symptoms

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A mass was discovered in my right sphenoid sinus and I'll be going into surgery soon to get it removed and a diagnosis of what it is. The ENT listened to my description of my symptoms and does not think they are related to this mass. As I read about all the other important structures in this vicinity, I can't help but think this mass IS related. My best guess is that this is either pressure related to the mass' size and location, or it has metastasized into a adjacent region. I just wanted to see if people with cancer or tumors in this area have had similar symptoms.

I'm getting a throbbing or pulsing sensation. It is not related to blood pressure, or heart rate since it's so quick and I've taken my BP during the symptoms. This pulse almost feels like when you hit your funny bone, but it originates in my head. I can hear it in my ears, feel my eyes move. Or at least it affects my vision I often get the sensation of numbness in my mouth and tongue, and even in my hands and feet. I've even felt this shock/ numbness in my whole body at times. This whole body feel is sort of new and makes me think the symptoms are getting worse. These pulses happen in a group between 1 - 6 pulses within about a .5 to 1.5 sec period. each group can be followed by another set and sometimes a third. About 2 - 8 groups per minute. Not every minute but almost. I sometimes feel a little nausea, almost like a vertigo since my world momentarily shifts a little. It's very distracting. OH.. and I've noticed that when I startle.. from a loud noise or if the car hits an unexpected pot hole or something like that, it's like every neuron in my body fires..like I've been shocked or something.

If this sounds familiar to anything you've gone through I'd appreciate talking to you, finding out what was causing your symptoms. Maybe after the surgery if it continues, I'll have a lead on where to look next. Thank you in advance.. Tom G.


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    I had sinus cancer surgery in 2002, which was followed by radiation. Thankfully I needed no chemo. But your symptoms are not familiar to me. My cancer grew downward into my gum and so it was discovered by my oral surgeon after he ordered a biopsy. My symptoms were aching teeth and gums.
    I wish you a speedy recovery.
    june a.
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    I'm not sure this is at all related to your symptoms but having had a radical neck dissection to the lefthand side 3 yrs ago i recently started hearing a very fast drumming in my left ear about 3 beats a second, it would start and stop on its own and i am happy to say has not returned for over two months now. I spoke to my head&neck consultant and he told me it was associated with a tiny muscle that is attached to the eardrum that regulates the eardrum tension in response to loudness, he said that this muscle was going into spasm and causing the drumming - he also mentioned another small muscle attached to the anvil bone that has a simular role.
    maybe you have a muscle spasm near to a nerve?