Travel Plans 2006 ~ Dates To Remember.

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Dear fellow semi-colons as we say goodbye to 2005 Andy & I would like to wish each and everyone of you a Happy New Year and good health & prosperity in 2006. When making your travel plans for 2006 do not forget Palooza 4 in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada in October.

Set your sails for Halifax ( Canada's Ocean Playground ). We are going International and it's going to be lot's of fun... We would like to plan daily events to spend quality time together as well as to see Canada's Beautiful East Coast & to experience some good down east hospitality. Andy & I have booked a 1 bedroom suite to give us an area to meet daily for refreshments, before we head out for the evening festivities. Lot's of good Irish Pubs and wonderful music as well as Casino Nova Scotia ( Go Scouty ).
We would also like to take a day trip to Peggys Cove with a stop in Lunenburg for lunch. The fall weather should be very pleasant and the changing of the leaves is breathtaking. I've enclosed some links below for you all to check out.

We have negotiated a very good rate with the Delta Halifax Hotel ( NOT DELTA BARRINGTON) that took sometime as I had to sign a contract with the hotel.
Standard rack rate is $214 and we have negotiated $135.00 Canadian per night. Approx $116.00 USD
Harbour room may run you an extra $40.00 Canadian per night. So make the call and guarantee your room under GCOLON ( groupcolon ) that's what were booked under. Even if you upgrade please still book under GCOLON as I am now responsible for this block of rooms. All you have to do is guarantee your room to your credit card no payment necessary at the time of your booking. The hotel has a flexible cancellation policy in case anyone has to cancel for health reasons etc.

Palooza 4
October 12,13,14th 2006
Delta Halifax Hotel (Not Delta Barrington)
1-800-423-3582 Monday To Friday 8:30 to 6 pm
1-800-268-1133 Evenings & Weekends
Local Hotel Number 902-425-6700

See you in Halifax!
Lisa & Andy

Links Of Interest:
Tourism Nova Scotia

Images Of Peggys Cove

Images Of Lunenburg

Images Of Halifax Harbour

Titanic Museum

Pictures From Las Vegas ( Palooza 2)
* To View The The Video
**To Download The Video


  • spongebob
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    And as your resident Department of Homeland Security representative, I would just add that you should be able to enter Canada without having to show a passport (just a government issued photo ID) until 2007.

    Baby Lisa, thanks so much for taking the reins and making all of these plans! Sounds like it will be a great CP-IV. You rock!!

    See y'all in October.

    - SpongeBob
  • scouty
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    I'll be there bagless!!!!!!! Thanks for all your hard work........

    For those of you that want to see and read a little more about the colonpaloozas, got to the expressions gallery and type in colonpalooza in the subject box. There are a series of 6 articles with photos from Vegas.

    Lisa P.
  • Lisa Rose
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    Happy New Year Sponger we look forward to seeing you in October in Halifax. One thing we should mention is that all of our visitors from countries outside of Canada can get a rebate for the tax dollars you spend here.Just helps make it a bit easier for everyone.

    Andy & Lisa
  • Kanort
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    Hi Lisa,

    I have it on my calendar and will start now to line up care for my mom. Thank you so much for all of your extra efforts to make this reunion so special. I can't wait.

    Love to you, Andy, and Andrew,