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Hi All -
I have a rant that I feel like expressing. Even though I started Herceptin for a recurrant metistatic breast cancer diagnosis and am responding very well...I do feel anxious at times and have less interest in things that used to get me going. I guess metastisized cancer can depress anyone at any age. I'm 48 and when my husband goes on about a retirement house and traveling I just don't relate anymore. I know many women are living 10 - 15 years with mets. I admire them all ... it's just so much work going to the doctors all the time, all the tests and treatments every week ... and working and having a "normal" life just tires me out! And biggest complaint is ... I have a cold!!! Isn't it enough to have we have to deal with the little stuff too???
Whew ... I feel better. Thanks!!!


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    I hope your rant made you feel better. Sometimes just getting it out helps. But do try to enjoy each day just a little bit. You will find that if you can find a little single thing... each day... that you will soon realize you are feeling just a little less down...

    I am sure that your husband is just trying to make you feel better and probably make himself feel better too... I do believe that cancer can possibly be scarier for our families than it is for us.

    Take Care... by the way I am 49 years old, on herceptin every week as well as getting daily radiation treatments now.... and it does sometimes become a little overwhelming... but I'm here and I try to find something good each day.... When you really think about it we all have so many things to be thankful for.... but sometimes it is hard to see.... I hope things start feeling much better for you.... soon.....
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    Dear Rant,
    Please do the things you would have done before cancer! I have made it a point to go with my husband as often as I can. Having breast cancer has made me realize just how much fun life can be. I get depressed alot myself because of the weight gain, but I won't let that get in my way of spending every blessed moment I can with the ones I love. My husband travels alot with his work and when we can afford it or when he will be gone for awhile I go with. It is exausting at times, but it is worth it to me.
    So rant when you need to just go out and have fun and spend time with your love.