Tissue expander reconstruction

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I have had implants after tissue expander reconstruction - bilateral. I am experiencing horrible muscle tightnes and "knots" or trigger points throughout shoulder, neck, arm and chest areas. The pain can become intolerable. I have sought relief through phyysical therapy, massage, chiropractic, accupuncture and pain management without much relief. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Does anyone have any other ideas for relief? (such as removal of the implants). I need help, this has been going on for over a year.


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    I did not have reconstructive surgery myself, but alot of Women on this board have so if You go up to the search box at the top of the page and put in what You are looking for ,it will pull up previous post on the subject-My heart ached when I read Your post-I'll keep you in mind when I pray tonight-God Bless You!
    Let us know how You fair!
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    I have an implant after reconstruction and I was having some tightness. It turns out that the original implant had become surrounded with scar tissue and was too small in the first place. They removed it, replaced it with a larger one and released the scar tissue. Everything is going along fine, now and it looks a lot better. Go to your plastic surgeon and complain. If he/she blows you off, find another one.
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    I have now had the same procedure done twice. Once for bc 5 years ago and once for bc a year ago. I always experience that tightness. Some days are worse than others. You appear to be doing the right thing. Since the implants sit on top of the muscle that is going to happen. I used to carry my stress/tension/tightness in my neck and shoulders, now I am more aware of it because I also now feel the muscles behind the implants. Just be careful with deep tissue massage if you have any type of lymphedema. Good luck. Let me know if you find something that works. Muscle relaxers might help.
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    Other help is:
    1 - trigger point massage which you can do for yourself with tennis balls or high-density or high bounce rubber balls (there are a number of books that show you how -- I can look them up if you need them) -- you may need to check on adjustments for your lymphedema but I would think this still can help you as most of the pressure points are in the neck and upper back/chest area if I remember correctly -- to reach the muscles on your upper back/neck you put the ball in a knee sock and sling it over your shoulder

    2 - epsom salt baths -- long soaks

    3 - not carrying a shoulder purse anymore

    4 - resting your arms on arm/bedrests as much as possible when sitting

    5 - doing gentle stretching exercises after warming up the muscles (with a heat pad -- see #6) -- there are several websites that list exercises for the muscle groups of the shoulder/upper back/neck that are very helpful

    6 - using heating pads to get the tightness out of the muscles followed by cold pads for pain before sleep (you will need to buy 2 so you can do both hot & cold)

    7 - sleeping on the "good" side with a foam pillow between your legs to take pressure off the bad shoulder/neck area

    8 - not using your arms for anything strenuous -- have someone else push the vacuum, move the furniture, lift heavy things

    I have similar troubles that have worsened and must remove my implants. I hope your troubles do not progress to such an extent. It is important to have a doctor who listens to/takes your complaints seriously.

    If you continue to have trouble and want more tips, feel free to email me. I hope you get relief soon.
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    Will you get saline implants or silicone implants after you remove your tissue expander? Which will you get and why?