Eggs and Prostate Cancer?

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Considerable research has been conducted concerning the relationship of dietary consumption of (chicken) eggs and 12 different types of cancer, specifically including PROSTATE CANCER.

I would like to send you a free email attachment of a Microsoft Word document which contains a 4 page executive summary and full abstracts of peer-reviewed published scientific studies relating to dietary consumption of eggs.

This is not SPAM. I believe that you will want to print, read, study, use and forward this new information.

If you would like to receive this email attachment, please respond with an email to and simply put the word

Eggs & Cancer

in the email subject. I will promptly send the email to whatever address you send from.

[I would be happy to upload this document to this website with the permission and assistance of the webmaster.]

I promise that I will not use your email address for any other purpose. I am not affiliated with any company in the food or nutrition industry. There is no offer to buy anything at all and no commercial products promoted in this document.

I appreciate your comments and feedback.