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Hi my name is Cyndi. I am looking for a support group for my sister. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in August. What I would like to get her for Christmas is some testimonies from women that have survived her exact disease. She the most vibrant beautiful 39 year old women I have ever known. She has 3 kids (18,15,9). No family history. She is estrogen/progesterone/Herceptin negative. Highly aggressive fast growing tumor. It was 2.1cm. She has had Adriamyacin and Cytoxan and has just started the Taxotere. She has to do 6 weeks of radiation when she is done with this. Her Taxotere (2nd dose Dec 14th) has really kicked her when she is down.

She is in the midst of treatment and handling it like a champ. I am trying to find her women with estrogen negative breast cancer that have survived. I would like to put a little book together for her for Christmas.

Please e mail me or reply with your personal story if you can contribute.

Thank you,

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    Hi, Cindi. I love your Christmas idea - what a great sister you are! I had a very similar diagnosis to your sister, except that I am older. I'll e-mail you details at the address you included. Good luck to your sister.
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    I have just come on-line and saw your e-mail. It's after Christmas, but I would like to still encourage you and your sister. I had the same diagnosis in 2002. Had the large tumor..negative like your sister's. 12 lymph nodes were cancerous. Had the chemo and radiation. My doctor's first words to me after my surgery were, "The odds are not in your favor." However, I celebrated 3 years cancer-free in October this year and my doctor now thinks I'm a success story.
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    I was diagnosed 3/03 at the age of 34. ER/PR/Herceptin negative aggressive mine was also about 2cm. I had 6 rounds of ADR and Cytoxan the 24 rounds of Taxotere after that 28 treatments of radiation it has been three years this March Im doing well still do my blood work and scans. I too have 3 children (19/17/11) Their are a lot of us here for your sister I know you wanted to make her a book I hope you did sorry my post is so late if you or she have any questions please let me know. God Bless