very weird question

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Hi, I have a weird questions, I have finished chemo (adrimycin and cytoxen and taxol) i have not had a period in 2 months, have taken pregnancy test to make sure and they are negative. Is this normal to loose your period and does it come back?


  • aarabak
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    Not a weird question at all. It all depends. Got my period back 5 years ago after 8 rounds of chemo 4 A/C and 4 taxol, but it took about 6 months. Then had bc again a year ago and no periods yet. This time closer to menopause.
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    hi jeanie,
    Ask your oncologist(it's not a weird question at all!) - he/she should tell you what to expect after chemo - I think there are different expectations and outcomes depending on the hormone receptor type of your cancer and your age. It's probably unique for every person.
    I'm 44 and my oncologist told me that chemo would shut down my ovaries and that I shouldn't expect to ever have another period. She recommends using an IUD or other barrier method for birth control, because hormones are out for me. But that's just me! It could be totally different for you.
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    Also my experience that it did come back after chemo, but stopped with tamoxifin.
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    Hi Jeanie,
    I believe this is a very common occurance. I stopped my period for 15 months then got it back. Now it comes every other month and my oncol said that probably by this time next year I will have stopped entirely. A lot depends on your age. Most younger women will see it come back, while if you are closer to menopausal age, then you may not see it come back.
    One of those great mysteries I guess??? I like not having its one of the benefits that came out of all this.