my friend needs someone to chat with about her mastectomy

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Can you help me out I have looked several places on the internet for my friend to talk with someone about her up coming surgery. She has tried the message boards but she thinks that she would feel more comfort if she could do a chat room or talk to someone live about their experiences. Does anyone have any suggestions or links or support groups? She lives in Tulsa Oklahoma.


  • ClaudiaAnn
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    Have your friend contact the American Cancer Society in her area. They usually have ambassadors who can talk to her. Ambassadors are people who have gone through what she is facing. You can find the local ASC from this web site home page.
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    You may want to check with the hospitals in your area. I found that at the hospital that I went to in Augusta Ga. they had what they called the Breast Health Center. It provided lots of information, sold wigs, etc. But better than that all of the women that worked as volunteers at the center were breast cancer survivors.... So before I had my Chemo buddies... which your friend will have if she has to have chemo.. I found the ladies at the center to be great. I was also amazed at work... right after my surgery... I had a number of ladies come to me who were survivors. They kept close touch with me over the months of Chemo and have been a great support system. So I hope your friend finds someone she can talk to.
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    There's Y-Me. 24/7 phone line 800-221-2141.