Erbitux, dry skin and vitamin E

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Hi all,
I'm on Erbitux for the past 22 weeks and the dry skin thing is getting me. My rash isn't too bad anymore, it's moved to my legs but the cracked fingertips bug me. Has anyone taken Vitamin E to help with the dry skin. I've heard it's good for skin but have not tried it yet. I see my Onc on monday to go over last night's CT scan so I will ask her too.


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    I really feel for you. My sis-in-law is on Erbitux and has the very same effects that you describe. Yes, Vitamin E does help the skin -- both internally and in a lotion applied to the area-- but I have heard that antioxidants are a big no-no while on chemotherapy. My doc forbid me from taking any supplement until I had finished (and some people are on Erbitux for a long time). I would definitely supplement your diet with Avocado and good olive oil. And, for a topical cream, you might look for things with Shea Butter. It is a great moisturizer. I've also heard that cocoa butter is soothing and moisturizing as well. These are just off the top of my head. I am sure that others will have a few ideas. Hope this helps a little. Take care and all the best to you -- Maura