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Hi, The testamonies I have read from time to time are so amazing. My husband is at stage iv with mets to liver that has had progression in the past three months since his CT's. His mass at the beginning had extended to his trachea and enveloped around but after radiation and treatments it managed to pull away. His liver mets went from barely 1 cm to 3cm now and the lung mass upper right has made progression again from 3cm to about 4-5cm and is extending over to trachea again. These tests were more progressed than ever before.That is why I am so concerned this time. He is so tired anymore. It just sounds to me that this could be the turning point for him but don't know if anyone has gone thru different chemos and still managed to respond and shrink again to stablize all areas again. I guess I want to know is this just buying him time or can he respond to another chem type and cause shrinkage again. I know everyone is different and responds differently. But after going from taxol/carb, gemzar/navelbine, alimta and now citsplasim/taxotere. I know with the clinical trials that taxotere has done well but alimta was also to. And then tarceva plays in there also. Are there new chemos out there that they are working on that sees a possibility and how far out till they become available and what are the names of some so I can research them out alittle. Thanks for listening. Elaine


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    Just had to say good luck to you and may God Bless you and your husband.