I need some help,please (tectal glioma survivor)

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OK, I have survived 43 brain surgeries, two comas, radiation therapy, having my whole skull taken off and made thinner because my brain was swelling and I was dying, and lots of other 'stuff'
Not fun, but I survived.
I have just been diagnosed with someting called an 'acoustic neuroma'. Esentially another brain tumor.
OK, the doc (an infection diseases GP) said 'Oh, it
s NOTHING, and anyway, if they did have to do something, they can't do radiation.
I need information on this.
It's been 5 months, and more problens with hearing and mentation since then, but doc doesn't do anything, and my mom has not made an appt with an oncologist.
It's up to me, I am 36, and will do what I know needs to be done, which starts with information.
thank you


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    I hope you are well enought to read this and take action. You need an advocate. You know inside of you that an acoustic neuroma is serious and needs attention. Find a friend, a cousin an uncle, somebody that gives a **** and get them to advocate firmly on your behalf. Don't let anybody tell you you can't survive check out my story at bt1993.