Is there anyone out there under thirty with breast cancer?

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I am 26,I have had a double masectomy with the backflap surgery, which took place this Oct.31st.I will begin chemo Dec.28th.I have been healing well but my emotional and mental state are becoming very weakened lately.I had to leave a relationship with my fiance of six years when I was diagnosed because he didn't have the time due to being work obbessesed.So I have gone through many loses in my life at this time and I am finding it hard to deal with having breast cancer inaddition to other loses in my life.If there is anyone out there to give me alittle ray of hope I would appreciate it so greatly.I have some great day's but today I'm having a really rough time.I do hope whoever is reading this is doing well.


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    I am 25 and had the double mastectomy w/ the back flap. I also lost a relationship because of it-- my boyfriend of 3 years couldn't "handle" it and my best friend in the world (since I was 6 yrs old) just stopped calling. I swear to you, things will get better. I have terrible days too (see the cancer/career post below) but they those times don't last. Cancer, chemo, and reconstruction are terrible, but all the time in your head will give you a calm and a strength that you never knew you had. One day, it will be over and you will emerge from this a stronger, wiser, more confident, sexy woman. A woman without a jerk of a fiance too I might add. Despite the random pity days, my quality of life is much better now than it was before. It took me a while, but I date now (A lot) and cancer survivors have something to them- they have looked terror in the eyes and are still around to talk about it. Personally, it made me not give a damn about bullsh*t or people who I sense aren't worth my friendship.
    What is happening to you is heartbreaking but it will not break you. It is an era for you... a dark tunnel from which you will emerge stronger/smarter/more beautiful than you were.

    I am sorry you lost so much... but you have friends here.
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    Dear Seraphima, I am much older than thirty, but I can relate to what you have been thru. I had to give up a career I loved to deal with breast cancer. Sorry about your fiance, but if he couldn't help you thru the bad times, he wasn't the one for you. How much worse it would have been if you were married with kids and a mortgage when he discovered work was more important than people! Don't dwell on what has been lost. You were living another life; this is the life you have now. This life is good,too; well worth living. You have the chance to heal, grow, build, learn and appreciate your life. Breast cancer hasn't killed you yet! Don't give it one more minute of worry and pain than necessary. Good luck!