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My mom had the bile duct unclogged and a stint in today. She is so relieved that she can start feeling better. We are so glad we got the 2nd opinion!


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    xmas greetings
    Hullo dear friends.At this time of year I travel away to help my son at work so I have not been able to post.
    Jen and I wish you all the very best for xmas and the coming new year. We also hope with all our hearts that those of you who are struggling at the moment in treatment will be able to tell us of good and positive news when I am able to return to you here. I will be away for 2 weeks and may not be able to post....but will try very hard to use a friends computor.
    Be well and be safe my wonderfull are all never far from our minds.
    All our love, sincerely, Ross and Jen
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    Hi Erika:
    Wonderful news and important I guess for all of us to keep in mind the value of a 2nd opinion.
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    Congrats to your mom and you! Jim
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    Wonderful news about your mother. Never give up. There are always other docs out there with better ideas and if it becomes necessary it is GREAT to take advantage of those second opinions!