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Ok, I want to see if any of you have had issues with a change in handling stress, memory, etc. since the bc. Specifically, anyone who did not have treatment like chemo? I had the bilateral everything, but no chemo so I cannot blame it on chemo brain. It is causing me a lot of life issues. I feel like I am going to collapse emotionally. And, physically, like my body is vibrating all the time.

Thanks if you care to share, if you have had this. I feel crazy. I thoght that it was due to working at Wachovia, nasty enviroment with no care for the employee, so now at BB&T, I am starting to feel the same way.



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    I didn't have chemo either (2001), but I sure had stress; tried to work all thru radiation. Fatigue was deep and lasted a long time (at least 2 yrs). I got very depressed and had memory problems (also radiation seemed to finish off menopause, so I had that too.)
    Can't see it clearly until I look back, but things are much better now: calmer, less reactive, more cheerful. But, oh a bad day is really a downer!
    I got back in to therapy finally and felt ready to work on some family stuff; really helped to clean out that closet. Struggled to find spiritual meaning, definitely a journey not a destination.
    Please know you are in my thoughts and I admire your courage. Feel free to write me individually.