My Mom - 2nd opinions are good!

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Well my mom was given a few weeks to live by her onc. that said her liver was taken over by cancer and going to fail soon.
Thank god we got her to Georgetown and it was determined that most likely her bile duct is clogged and she will be having it opened on Monday. Apparently she will get almost instant relief and be feeling great for christmas. The otehr good news was that this doctor is in charge of clinical trials for colon cancer there and he told her that she had several options still out there. He told her unless she wanted to be in a rectangular box he wasn't planning on putting her in one like the other onc!! We were so relieved and happy to know she can keep battling. It is so great to know that she will feel better soon. This doctor told us that she has cancer throughout her liver but that she has about 75% good liver so we also felt good about that. Thanks to all of you that keep me going with new ideas. I only really understood the importance of a second, third, fourth opinion when my mom got cancer.


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    Erika, that is such good news. Isn't is scary though that one oncologist was so ready to give up on your mother when there are options out there for her? I find that very worrying, especially for those who may not have the opportunity to get a second opinion. I hope the procedure on Monday gives her some relief.

    Take care,

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    Hello Eriks,
    I am happy to hear that your Mom got some good news. I hope she is feeling better and able to enjoy the holidays. Best Wishes to both of you.
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    Great news ..I am glad to hear this and that you went for another opinion..Audrey
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    what great news!!! I love second opinions. Keep us posted.

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    Hi Erika, You just put a great big smile on my face. Very Glad you got good news with that second opinion. Good luck to your Mom and you.
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    I was so glad to hear you Great news!!! I am so glad that you went for a second opinion!!!! Your mom still has a GREAT chance on besting this Monster!!!! Hang in there and have a GREAT Christmas!!! Please let us know how things are going!!!!

    Prayers, Hugs, and Rainbows coming your way!!!

    Love Always,