good and bad news...please advise

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Hi..if you all remember me, I was dx with colon cancer stage iv in jan. Just had a ct scan which was NED... but today i received the biopsy results from my left breast and it was positive. they still dont know if is a new cancer or not...what should i expect in either case? I'm very scared.....cant stop crying and I'm losing dad has lung cancer and the dx is not good....I have change my diet...i'm taking Transfer factor pillsvitamins and green tea...PLEASE help and advice.
Thanks Ileana


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    It sounds as if you definitely have good news in that you beat stage IV cancer; I don't exactly know what to expect in either case, but it sounds like you have an early and possibly curable cancer, and are making some positive changes.It's way too early to lose hope..wait until your Dr. comes up with a treatment plan. This could be a lot less than you are making it. Not knowing is the worst part. Tell us how you beat stage IV..your success is outstanding! This disease is not unlike eating an elephant; if you try to deal with it all at once, it's overwhelming-you need to attack it one bite (day) at a time. Nanuk
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    I feel for you, I know you just wanna be done with this disease. It's bittersweet, however, you have some things going for you. Obviously you know how to beat cancer. You've beat stage IV crc in 10 months!!! This time around at least you know what to expect and how to prepare. You've beat it once, you'll beat it again.
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    Your ears must have been ringing yesterday....I just re-read an e-mail you sent to me, and I was going to drop you a note to see how you are. But then, I realized I already know how you are STRONG, you are BRAVE, you are DETERMINED, and you are SUCCESSFUL! Don't lose hope my dear friend. Just when your world seems to cave in around you, that is when you find all of life's solutions. I agree with Bud...take each day piece by piece...(on another note, Bud's post makes me think that is where eating carnival food must have originated with elephant ears!...I digress, again!)

    My prayers and thoughts are with you. I know this too shall pass, and you will do so with flying colors.

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    Hi Ileana,

    I certainly can understand concerns, but as my fellow friends have so well stated, please try and take one day at a time.

    I'll be thinking of you and am sending well wishes and positive thoughts your way.