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Hello all. Unlike many of you, I am not a survivor. My son was diagnosed at 9 months old with a benign brain tumor. I have come to find out that brain tumors are quite the strange little pest. Even if they are benign, they will still grow very quickly. As I said earlier, my son was diagnosed at nine months old. He was days away from death when they found the tumor and went in to get as much of the tumor as possible. My son is now 3 and doing fine. We are looking at another surgery ( this will make 6 total) and I am having a hard time not reverting back to the angry person I was when he was first diagnosed. I am not mad at him or my wife I just am pissed about the situation. This is the first chance I have had to talk to any one who wears green and has had a somewhat similar situation. I am in Miami and not like there are a whole lot of service members here. If any one has questions about getting treatment for kids with cancer and tricare let me know. I have become quite versed with the ins and outs. The may tell you something but I have found multiple work a rounds when it comes to the insanity. Oh and if any one is curious I am an Amy SSG (E-6). Good luck with it all!!!


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    You may also want to consider posting on the brain tumor board or child cancer board to receive additional support. I wish you and your family well.

    Take care,

    CSN Dana
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    There are more active duty military members with cancer out there than you would think. Active duty member or dependent, the military health system can be frustrating at time. Anger is a normal response, this website is a great place to get information and share feelings - we understand. You're a great advocate for your son, keep it up and let your family know how much their loved.
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    Navy LT, surviving my brain tumor for just over 3 months now. I have found Navy medicine to be spectacular so far, from neurosurgeons to oncologists. I'm in the Norfolk, VA area, getting treatments at Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth, VA. Every treatment I've had, I've confirmed with friends and family is the exact same thing I'd have gotten at a civilian hospital or clinic.

    Keep the faith, brother.

    Ian Maize