breast cancer that spread to the lungs

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anyone w/experience w/the above? if so could you give a brief history and prognosis. i am doing research for a friend who has absolutely no idea how to research and has not received any info from her doctor. greatly appreciate it.


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    You may want to check out some of the reputable websites which have tons of info available. Also, a good bc book would be a great gift for your friend. If you go to google and type in breast cancer, you'll get many, many choices. Also try typing in metastatic bc for more options. You can also visit:
    Be forewarned, it's a time consuming endeavor because there's so much to read, understand and compare, etc..

    It's good that you're supporting her by helping gather info, however, it's sort of difficult to relate shared info from survivors through a 3rd party. It would be far more helpful, if your friend visited this website and others like it in order to talk to others for herself. Aside from histories, she will find emotional support and caring. A very important element we share here.

    You asked for a brief history and prognosis. Know that cancer, for most of us, is not a brief experience. Firstly, we're all different and our cancers all behave differently and our overall experiences with treatment/recurrence/mets are all different, so there is no such thing as a brief history in most cases. Mets can appear a short time after initital dx, to many years later, or be discovered at the same time of the initial bc dx.

    Treatment and prognosis is also different for everyone, depending upon the extent of the mets, location, whether it's operable, the person's overall general health status, etc.. Many things influence treatment plan and prognosis, including the patients preferences, so it's not going to be the same history/prognosis/experience for any two individuals.

    Your friend really needs to be communicating with her physician on these and many other points. She'll likely also benefit from a 2nd opinion.

    Hoping your friend becomes able to take a more proactive role in her healthcare. That's a very important first step for all of us to make if we're at all able/capable.

    Love, light and laughter,