Injections for ED

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I have been prescribed 'Caverjet' injections for post RRP and Radiology ED; having tried all the pills.
My problem is even with a reduced dose from 20 to 10mg the result is painful. I have fairly significant shortening of the penis and the result is not all that firm either.
My question is, has anyone else had similar problems and found a cure for them?
Apologies if this too personal but I would like to try and fix the darn thing.


  • stuart
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    the injection I take is called Trimix...Not all pharmacies carry it because it has to be mixed from three different medications...It works, however erections can last for over four hours which becomes somewhat uncomfortable...But it's better than nothing...
  • harvs
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    I have been using Caverject (post RP) for about a year now with good results. There is some discomfort, but overall I'm satisfied. Pills did not work at all.