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Hi everyone,
I finally saw the alternative medicine dr. today. I got answers to my questions and they actually made sense. I will be implementing some of his suggestions, diet, supplements and accupuncture along with chemo to try to achieve a better immune system and healthier life style.
I start my 3rd session of folfox on Wednesday. Although I'm not looking forward to it, it could be a lot worse.
I'm in the process of cleaning out 22 years worth of junk so that I can put my house up for sale. Unfortunately I don't like to part with anything so the process is overwhelming! Although I have to sell the house for financial reasons, I'm starting to think that a fresh start may be good.
Just wanted to keep you updated.
Thanks for all your words of encouragement!


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    Hi Jamie,

    How wonderful that you liked the answers your alternative doctor gave you and that you are going to begin implementing some of his ideas.

    Getting a house ready for sale is stressful, so be sure and take breaks!!! New beginnings sometimes can be good medicine!


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    I just went through that, and still have a 900 sf garage full of "stuff"..after a while your stuff starts to own you..
    You will feel much lighter when it's over. Bud
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    nanuk said:

    I just went through that, and still have a 900 sf garage full of "stuff"..after a while your stuff starts to own you..
    You will feel much lighter when it's over. Bud

    All tha best for Wednesday Jamie...and to add to Buds comment......you really didn't want some of that stuff you have hoarded..did yah?
    Don't go overdoin things Jamie......your health is way more important than trivial stuff gal.
    Huggs from oz, Ross n Jen
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    Hi Jamie, I hope things are going better for you. on the positive side - you only have to have chemo every two weeks rather than every week. I was just Diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer (it came back the little devil) and will start Folflo tomorrow. I am interested in what your alternative Dr. told you to help get you through the chemo. I am currently juicing and have done a 180 turn on my diet
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    I'm planning on survial
    Hi fellow semi colon-ites. I had send an update a week or so ago about my cancer coming back and it now being stage 4 with tumors attached to the left and right side of the colon and one rotten bugger in the tissue by the colon. So far, no detections of mets to the lungs or liver. This is really quite new to me so I am still struggling to get up to speed.

    I have read the beating cancer with Nutrition book and have researched many alternative treatment plans I could learn about as well as getting three medical opinions and I settled on the following.

    I believe my cocktail to survival (I just like saying cocktail & survive in the same sentence) will be a 4 step approach. 1st. Traditional medicine. I started on FolFox with Avastin today, so far not so bad except I just start gagging. When the tumors shrink, I will do surgery to remove them. 2nd Diet. I have totally changed my diet. Thanks to a couple of you on this site for support and for helping me get started. No sugars, Immuno power for vitamins and as much green and as raw as I can stand it. 3rd. Attitude, I think that the boat is leaving the dock (plan for survival) and I need to be on it looking over the horizon not looking back. I plan to lean on anyone that will listen, offer suggestions and support, and kick me in the butt when that is necessary. I also plan to change the channel on the negative thoughts. 4th and most important is Prayer. I am learning to pray and turn over my burden. Not so easy for me but I totally believe that Gods plan will work – I have to let him. I am scared but feeling good that I at least have some direction to start with. On a side note, my partner and I just got news that our adopted son from Ukraine will soon have a brother. We have been in the process for some time to adopt a boy from Guatemala. During my infusion today we got a call that the final papers have passed the last court and he may be home by Christmas. I think God want to keep us busy so we can’t think up hopeless thoughts. Bless you all. I plan on being around a while and asking for as well as offering support.
    Mark G.
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    Jamie, I start my 2nd folfox treatment on Wed. also. When I got it for the first time last week I thought no big deal! Boy did I under estimate that! Feel like I`ve got a hangover on a rollercoaster. Got all the side effects and not looking foward to the next treatment. Doctor said he would add avastin on next visit. Best of luck cleaning out your house. I also have 25 yrs of stuff that my kids left here for safe keeping. God Bless!