Oh my!! I'm having a GOOD day!!!!!

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Hi everyone,

The past three years of advanced stage colon/uterine cancer combined with the death of my husband and now being alone without an income waiting for the disabled widows benefits to begin has been more difficult to survive than I can discribe here. So when I have a good day I just have to share it. Not that there is anything spectacular happening but just having a decent day is spectacular under these circumstances. So I thought I had better jump on here and share with you before the situation changes. I don't get too many days like this one. Oh yes the bathroom and kitchen still need to be repaired before I can use them but to be able to sit here and feel pretty good is such a blessing. For me it is. And I know that most of us cancer patients are not always having one of our good days so I knew I just had to share it with you. YIPPY, It's a good day!!!!!

I love all you wonderful people.



  • kerry
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    Bless you Patricia. You deserve many many good days. Enjoy and I wish for you many more.

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    Hi Patricia,
    I'm so glad that you're having a good day. May you have many more!
    Take care,
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    Patricia - there is nothing like a GOOD day. It's a true blessing in the fight with this disease, I'm happy for you.

  • tkd3g
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    Patricia, dudette,

    Totally mongo. Excellent tubular day! Stoked!

    Sorry, for some reason, this surfer guy popped into my head when I read your post. Maybe because they always seem so happy with life.

    Enjoy your day. ( sorry it's late). It sounds like you certainly deserve some wonderful moments.

    God bless,

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    Hey patricia.. This is now the 30th, and I hope you are feeling even better today than yesterday!! Thanks for sharing your high spirits with everyone. May you have many many many more!!

    Huggs n'prayers! ~ Wanda ...aka Xena warrior