Cough & Throat Irritation continued after a successful chemo treatment

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Dear All

My mother has just recovered from lung cancer after gone through a six cycle "taxotere - 160mg" treatment. Now there are two things happend to her one is;

That she could'nt sleep straight & on right shoulder.

Other is that she is suffering with chronic coughing and throat irritation.

Thou her consulting oncologist has prescribed her cough syrup and an inhaler but no cure. So if any one of you have any kind of solution "experienced solution" then please share that with me.

Kind Regards
Nawaz Shahzad


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    I had chemo, radiation and surgery for lung cancer. After treatment and surgery, I developed a cough, which lasted for about six months. I don't know if it was caused by radiation damage to my throat/esophagus, or by the chemo. It did subside and finally go away on its own. I aslso have trouble sleeping on my back or my right side. Surgery was on my right lung, through my back. I'm 71 now, and I think that my sleeping problem is due to arthritis in my neck. It may be related to my treatment, but the doctor doesn't think so.