Feeling Cold then Hot confused!

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Hello everyone, I am confused with this healing process. There are times when I feel great and able to do things. But then there are days that I get hot then cold spells all over me. Also my energy level is down during this time. I am resting like I should. It has been 4 weeks since my last radiation and I start my final chemo treatments next week. Can't wait to see what side effects it is going to bring me. I know to take it day by day and time will heal it all back. Has anybody felt this before and is this part of the healing process.. Thanks again! My prayers go out to everyone!


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    Hey,Mendy I have had alot of the same problems,because we share the same cancer.You might want have your doctors check your thyroid,I know that the radiation treatments fried my thyroid and it is no longer fuctional,so I have to take medicine everyday for that,once They figured out the dose I should take the cold and hot spells have pretty much gone away and my energy level is finally getting back to normal.I hope this helps,and take it from me It will get better with time, how much time is the question?,it varies for everyone,but keep your head up I promise it does it better...Devildawg