Giving Thanks for NED

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Hi all,
What a day! 2 years ago this time, I was awaiting surgery for removal of my cancerous polyp. Now, I am nearly 2 years out, (stage 3, 1 positive node, 6 months of chemo). My colonoscopy and CT scans last week came back NED!!
That first year was a blur; now, I feel like a new improved me! While I would not recommend this disease to anyone, as Stacy wrote, it has been life altering in significant ways.
So, Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends here, and for those of you in active treatment, my heart and prayers are with you as you stay strong and stay the course! Judy


  • kerry
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    Congratulations!!! Have a wonderful holiday!

  • livin
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    Thanks Judith, I hope you had a wonderful day as for all my follow Semi-Colon Family. Last year this time I was recuperating from my Liver Resection, this year I am presently NED. GOD IS GOOD.
  • Kanort
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    Hi Judy,

    Congratulations on your continuing NED status. Enjoy your weekend and you good health.


  • taunya
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    Congratulations!!!! I just read your wonderful news and I am doing the happy dance!!!!!!! Go Judy!!!!!
    Love and Hugs,