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Thanks to Kerry,Maura,Ross&Jen,Maureen,Margo,Ali and Howard for your encouragement! Just got back this evening from my first chemo. It went quite well ! I am feeling just a few side effects i.e tingling on ends of fingertips and feet but otherwise good.Ross&Jen you asked details of my surgery. I was totally suprised by this disease since it was found during a blood test by my Arthritis doctor. I was severely anemic and admitted to the hospital that night for tranfusions , colonscopy and surgery within days.I had a transverse tumor about 11inches that had perforated into the colon. This was resectioned . I had a remarkably quick recovery and was discharged in 5days. My only problem has been weight loss about 35 pounds . I am 140 and 6ft tall.My doctor said he will add avastin to my folfox in 2 weeks and gave me iron and anti nausea meds. Don`t want to bore you all ! Just want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving ! God Bless!


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    Hi there -- So very happy that your first treatment went well. I took Vit B6 for the tingling in my fingers (it spreads to toes too...) and I have heard that Cal/Mag is also helpful. Have a great holiday and all the best to you! -- Maura
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    Happy Thanksgiving! As Maura said, I am also happy your first treatment went well. I took Magnesium through IV and pills during my treatment to help with the neuropathy. Let us know how you are doing.

    Many of us were surprised by our disease. I was anemic also when mine was found.

    Take care.

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    Hi Nixie,

    I am sorry I missed your original introduction but welcome to our site. Congratulations on completing round one of chemo. Hopefully the tingling has subsided by now. Please keep us abreast of your progress.