erbitux or avastin

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Can anybody tell me why some people are given avastin and some are givn erbitux. They seem to perform the same function. Both are monoclonal antibodies, whatever they are.! cqn somebody get erbitux if tumour stops responding to Avastin? I can never remember to ask these things when I go for my avastin. I just want to get out of there as quickly as possible, just like all of you, i'd say.


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    As far as i know Erbitux was approved in Ireland before Avastin.Avastin is now usually given first and if there's no reponse I think Erbitux is then used. My boyfriend started immediately on Erbitux during the summer and has responded really well and last time we met his oncologist he mentioned that there are plans to use Avastin and Erbitux combined. (in Vincent's Hospital in Dublin). Hopefully the Avastin wil prove successful for you! Joanne
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    I have been on Avastin since 4/2004. Side effects are some minor bleeding in the nose. The POTENTIAL side effects such as bowel perforations scare me, however, and now I've been told by my onc. that if a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy are scheduled that I should stop Avastin 4 weeks before and 2 after, And he thinks at this point I should postpone the colon tests for a few monts and continue Avastin. And yes you CAN go to Erbitux after Avastin, but there is a test thet like to do on your tumor to see if its "type" (not sure what they look for) is compatable with Erbitux. So, ask your onc. if you are compatable and he can do the test for you.
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    Go to & for mfgs info on these two drugs. The test is to see if your tumors produce EGFR (epidermal growth factor)
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    I am taking avastin along with 5FU and it definitely has helped to some degree. (I am also taking ammonium tetrathiomolybdate and you may want to read my recent reply to fredrick55) My oncologist says that you can try eribtux when avastin stops working. I know one person that tried erbitux and apparently it makes you break out even worse than a teenager. Not good for quality of life. I already feel like Jeff Goldblum in "The Fly" after he went through the telepod since I developed metastatic colon cancer, so I don't much like the idea of Erbitux. I haven't, however, ruled out taking it later.