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Ok everyone- you have been fantastic at answering my questions and providing calming reassurance to my posts..so- my husband started folfiri and avastin on Thursday- and has lots of hiccups off and on over the past 2 days? I assume it is caused by the chemo..but any suggestions on how to get rid of them?


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    Hi Bev, my husband had dreadful hiccups when he was on 5Fu chemo. His oncologist prescribed something, the name of which I have completely forgotten, but it really worked. I would ask your doctor for something. Maybe someone on the board will know the name of the medication.

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    Hi Bev.

    Sometimes ... no, often ... I get hiccups after chemotherapy cycles and also acid reflux. I have found that daily use of Prilosec OTC, for at least a couple of days before and a few days after the treatment, will help with these problems. Maybe it can work for your husband, too.

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    Hi Bev, my Scott had terrible hiccups when he was on this cocktail. They started him on Reglan, Protonix & Zofran, all medications for acid reflux and heartburn. Maybe you can recommend this to your doctor. Hope your hubby feels better.