6 tx AC/5FU - anyone else??

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I was diagnosed with stage 2 at age 36. My tumor was 2.5 cm, ER+, PR-,high grade, no positive nodes. I was given 6 infusions of AC combined with 5FU. I do not know anyone else who received AC and 5FU together. Can anyone help me understand this? Did you get 6 infusions of AC and 5FU, and why? Everyone else I know who was node negative just got 4 AC infusions. Thanks!


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    I did receive 4 infusions of the AC/5FU (also called FAC) followed by 12 Taxols. This was 3 yrs. ago. I had a large tumor/ER+&PR+ and given chemo prior to surgery. My very good friend who also goes to the same cancer center and probably a stage 1 or 2/no nodes was given just the 6 treatments of FAC. We were both in our upper 40s. I just accepted at the time that this was the standard treatment for my diagnosis. So sorry that I can't explain more.
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    I also had 6 and 5fu with the other. I had 11 out of 21 positive nodes as well with one lump in breast another that grew in a week in arm pit same side as breast.
    I think the thing to remember is we are all different and so seems so is the cancer we carry. Some are more agressive while the size of lumps help to form criteria. My cancer didn't seem to follow any norm and that also seemed to be my demise with treatments. Some of us are very sensative to all they do to us but we can be very grateful for so much no matter what. I was told at the time that the therapy was very aggressive and that our age and health at time also seems to assure that they give us all we can handle.
    It has been over 8 years and lots has changed for me but that doesn't mean it can't be better. I quit smoking after chemo completed my present to myself and have never looked back. I am in better shape than I have been since my youth, even though and athlete my whole life. I am working physically harder than I ever have and it has done me the world of good.
    I have found life goes on whether we want it to or not. The unknown was frightening so I became very informed and was able to drive my care in some regards. I had to be my own best advocate after years of suffering side effects from all the treatments I was given.
    I have found a new way of doing things and much happiness along the way.
    Be good to yourself always,
    being our own best friend can help.
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    Hi Angela, I was diagnosed in 2003 with a 2.5 cm, ER+ Her2-, high grade invasive ductal carcinoma with clear nodes. I received four AC followed by the last 2.5 years on Arimidex and Fosamax. I think the major difference between us was that I'm 20 years older and was postmenopausal at the time of my diagnosis. Perhaps your oncologist treated you aggressively because of your young age. There may also have been indicators in your tumor pathology that indicated you'd benefit most from this specific treatment. The only way to know for sure is to ask your doctor. Good luck!