night sweats?

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Has anyone here had a symptom of sweating alot at night during sleep? do you know what might cause it and if so- can anything be done about it?
My husband is stage 4 with mets to liver and "suspicious" lung involvement.
Thank you.


  • glimmerofhope
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    I had night sweats occasionally for a week or so after my colon resection, and I remember thinking: Is this the way it's going to be from here on out? But mercifully it went away. In general, I do sweat a little more than I used to, but who knows from what with all the chemo and drugs that I've taken.
  • kerry
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    I had awful night sweats during my chemo treatment. I know for a woman that chemo can put you in early menopause. I do have a friend who had the same reaction when he was in treatment for his prostrate cancer.