Getting pregnant after BC treatment

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I am 35 years old and was diagnosed with stage II BC in June 2005. I just completed 4 cycles of EC and am starting the last 4 of Taxotere. The onc has me taking Zoladex to protect my ovaries and reduce estrogen production while taking the chemo. Once that is done, I have about 5 weeks of radiation treatments. Since the tumor was hormone positive, the onc is recommending tamoxifen for 5 years after the chemo.

The Zoladex has caused pre-mature menapause which may or may not go away when the shots stop. Plus, the statistics say that the older you are the harder it is to get pregnant. I have always wanted children but thought I had time. Now it may be too late. While the 5 years on tamoxifen is preferred, I am afraid that it will do away with any hope of having children because of any damage by the chemo / Zoladex and the fact that I will be 40. I have read that some women quit taking the tamoxifen after 2 years so they can have children. I keep thinking that this would give me at least some hope for a child.

I would really like to know if anyone has completed the 5 years and still been able to have children. I would also be interested in hearing from anyone that quit taking it after 2 years and had children.


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    I wish I had an answer for you, but I can give you some resources to start asking some questions. You might go to the young survival coalition. or to is a Younger survivors messageboard there. I also believe there may be a website aimed to assist people in your situation. I wish you all the best. Sometimes tamoxifen is stopped after a shorter period of time-not 5 years also.


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    I've read lots of stories regarding getting pregnant after BC Treatment. I would suggest going to the personal web pages. You can find stories related to that. It may help give you piece of mind and even help put you in contact with someone that has been through what you are now feeling. Much luck health and happines.
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    Just read this article that came in an email newsletter I receive. I thought of you.
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    Best of luck!