Kushi diet anyone?

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Anyone here follow the Kushi diet? It is macrobiotic developed by Michio Kushi and known to prevent/heal cancer. His book, The Cancer Prevention Diet, is a hit. Any feedback appreciated.


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    I know someone who stictly followed this diet along with other allternative methods and cured their kidney stage IV cancer. They even went to the Kushi Instutute a few times.
    Good Luck
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    I don't know about the Kushi diet - but I'm glad Michio's last name didn't start with a G or an M... a "mooshie" or "gooshie" diet? Not for me!
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    I have the book and followed his diet along with juicing. I no longer just eat macrobiotically but do have many elements of the diet in mine today. I try to eat from the "center" which also helps in the acid/alkaline balance. Funny you should ask about this because just last week I pulled out my cookbook by Kristina Turner-- The Self-Healing Cookbook-- in order to reimplement the macro diet.

    It is very easy at the beginning when we are fueled by fear of cancer to be wonderfully pure in our diets.... I never stop juicing ever, but i have not stuck to a macro diet completely and I miss it. It feels good to refocus on it. So this post is just another good reminder of something I believe in.

    There are many many testimonies that the macro diet cured cancer. I believe it. For me I wanted to juice along with the veggies and grains and tempeh etc....

    Kushi disease curing macro diet has caught the attention of some big wigs:

    Harvard Med School
    Boston's Shattuck Hospital
    Tulane U
    University Hospital in Boston
    Harvard School of Public Health
    University of Minnesota (yea!) School of Public Health
    Boston U
    New England Baptist Hospital

    So this is not some back alley voodoo diet--this is the Real McCoy.

    peace, emily