to be alarmed or not?

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I just joined to ask a question, i am getting no headway w/ the obs. I am 29 and have been having problems w/ breasts. I have been getting infected hair follicals continuously. They ooze a white puss and i have discharge from nipples. I also have blood from the nipples too at times. I have lymphnodes that are enlarged from time to time/ have a lump that are not related to my cycles. Sometimes u can see blood under the skin of the nipple. My breasts are getting these hideous lumps from the ahir follicals. There are also hard little lumps w/in the follicals that are not typical of a hair folical. They have not healed in over a year and keep filling up w/ puss. I am just curious if this could be ductal C. I had a mammo and i had a u/s and nothing was found when it started. Yet it continues and gets worse. right now they just say a skin condition but its one that never heals.


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    When it is something of this nature, always be concerned. Call an oncologist and explain the symptoms like you explained here. Or if you do not want to do that, Find another OBGYN. My choice would be call an oncologist and ask them for the second opinion due the the OBGYN's ignorance. Do it today, don't wait another. You have had these things going on toooooooo long.
    Don't be satisfied with the " I DON"T know answers, keep pushing until you get a definative answer.. it is your health.

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    I agree with Sassy Sally. Or if you are in larger metro area, calle a breast specialist. Do not let this linger please. Better to be told, it's nothing, then wait to long.