lobectomy/irregular heart now

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Hi. I had a lobectomy on 9/6. The surgery pushed my heart into an irregular heartbeat and they are trying to fix that problem. There was talk about chemotherapy, howver, how soon after this surgery will they provide that, and can they do that with such a weak heart? Nervous and sleepless in RI.


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    I had a history of irregular heartbeat going into diagnosis and treatment for nsclc, 3a. I had chemotherapy and radiation both pre-op and post-op. My post-op treatments started about two months after surgery, - as soon as I was up and about. (I had a slow recovery from surgery) I lost 40% of my right lung. My heartbeat problem was not affected by the treatments or surgery. I was 67 years old at surgery, and I am 4 years out from surgery with no sign of cancer. My irregular heartbeat persists, and is treated with medication. I recently had both an EKG and a cardiac stress test, and both showed my heart to be strong, if not regular. Based on my experience, I don't believe that your heart is necessarily weak. Talk to your doctors about your concerns. They would not put you in danger with treatments.