What R Side effects of Radiation

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Im just wondering what side effects there are with Radiation? What can I do to make the day better & how to gain my appetite back? Thanks


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    Hi, Onyx,

    Side effects of radiation - fatigue and burning.

    It wasn't until my 21st radiation treatment that I woke up in the morning with a burn. It literally appeared overnight! My radiation oncologist said that was normal. I did not experience the fatigue as much as many others do. I just got tired of going every day for 33 days.
    But the burning was relieved with pure aloe gel and the doctor also prescribed a burn creme called Biafine. Most insurance companies do not cover it, but it is only about $25 to $30 a tube and it has a decent amount of applications in it. I finished radiation on Sept.19th and took about 3 weeks for all the peeling to quit and the healed skin to appear.

    I made the treatments go better by getting to know the radiation techs on a personal level. It made the monotony of every day treatments seem more fun. Also, I tried to get to know my fellow patients and that made a huge difference. I still think of them fondly to this day.

    However, I continue to have some swelling and pain in my breast. All of my doctors said this was normal.

    I didn't have any apetite issues with radiation, only with chemo. However, I heard one of my radiation techs tell another patient to drink hight calorie milk shakes...MMMM! Never in my life did I think I would ever hear one of my doctors tell me not to worry about calories! Unfortunately, now I have to control them again!

    Hope this helps and before you know it, you will be all done with treatment!

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    Hi Onyx. I am over half way done with my radiation and I haven't really had any burning. I've been using Aquaphor on my breast and under my arm and it has worked to keep my skin where it's not burnt or irritated.

    I didn't have any problems with my appetite. I have lost 2 pounds. I would loved for it to have been 20...lol. I was just told to maintain.

    I do hope that things go well with your radiation. Take care.