an update

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first i would like to say thank you for all your kind words. i wanted to give a call to those of you who went to vegas but with everything going on time just slipped by. well my treatment was ruff as ususal but the good Lord new my granny was going to need me so yesterday i was there with the hospice addmitting nurse and today i will be there with the nurse who will visit until she is called home. i am an at home mom and everyone else works and so i take care of granny and she has grown to trust me alot. my dad and grandfather do not understand alot of the medical stuff and so it is important for me to be there. besides i want my granny to be as comfy as possible at this point. i am very tired and i pray everyday that the Lord will heal me of this horrible disease but in the meantime give me the strength to take of those who may need it that i may make a diffrence in someones life. my dad has beningn positional vertigo and has for 6 yrs and he is soooooo miserable. he has had everything out there even this rare surgery for the ear and it did not work for long. so i am trying to find comfort for him too at this time watching them suffer is hard to bare. i do have help to some extent my hubby is a wonderful man and some people from my old church bring meals on tues and thurs of my treatment week. i just get up everyday and thank the Lord that He has given me one more day and to help me have strength but especially wisdom for myself and those around me. through all the tears I have shed and every smile or laugh i know meant something to someone if not just for me. i do not have a relationship with my mom at all but my sis and i are close. i think and pray for all on this board those who post and those who dont. maybe someday i will meet some of you if i can go to one of the colon get togethers. i am still planning to meet with stacy as she lives close to me. i have not alot to offer but what i can do i will do and i would do for you or anyone else. but as all things this too shall pass. thank you for listening