PSA 0.1 to a 0.2

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I had Surgery 2 years ago and my PSA before the surgery was a 12 I have gone for 2 years with a PSA of a 0.1 and last week I had my blood drawn for PSA again and it went to a 0.2. My DR want to start seeing me again and might start putting me thru treatments. Has anybody had this happen to them? Please reply. And what kind of treatments would you go thru?


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    The change from 0.1 to 0.2 may be within the statistical error. I wouldn't get too concerned about it if I were you. My particular situation was pre psa =30>rrp> 3.5 yrs at 0.1>then 0.5>6mo.interval 1.3>decided on external beam radiation, psa held at 0.1 for a year then climbed to ~6.0, currently on Lupron 30ml (4 month)psa still holding @ 0.1after 2 yrs. Otherwise felling fine 7 yrs "downstream"!
    Good Luck, Benji