finished 1 session chemo, Yuck!!!

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Hi everyone,
I finished my first session of Folfox 6. I breezed through 6 months of Xeloda, but this is definately a lot worse, for me anyway! I have spent the last 3 days sleeping for the most part and not getting anything productive accomplished. Yuck!!!! This is how I feel after 1 round and I'm sure it's going to get worse as I go.
I'll take any advice offered as to how to function somewhat normally while on chemo.


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    Sorry to hear about your ordeal. How was the Xeloda - did it do what the docs wanted, i.e. shrinkage, etc? Why did they not want you to continue on that instead of using this newer chemo? I'm asking for a friend so thanks in advance for any feedback. Hope the treatments get easier for you!
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    i think of you often and hope that you tolerate the chemo without too many side effects.

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    Hey Jamie,
    I had colon resection March 2004 - 1 lymph pos. -followed by 6 months of Folfox (lecv-5FU-Oxy). I had treatments every other week with the 48 hour pump. The first 2 treatments kicked my butt! I was very tired and the day the pump was removed I slept 'all day'. I felt better as the days went on until I got zapped again. Beginning with the 3rd treatment I had decided I wasn't going to give in and made myself go to work. Each treatment for me actually got easier to tolerate. I hope this is the case for you and that each treatment will indeed get easier for you.

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    Sorry you feel so worn out. I definately feel tired the day of and day after infusion, but managed to work 4days/wk when I did Folfox. Just hang in there. Make yourself go for short walks... try to stay in the world of the living so your mind doesn't get too sleepy. Each person is different. Eat healthy, watch lots of comedies and laugh often.

    Wish I could tell you more, but each person is different... only you know what you feel. Just do as much as you can to continue positive energy.

    Try meditation and focus on bright and beautiful lights healing away all the cancer!! I am with you.... thinking of you often.