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Hi you ladies out there! I've been trying to get online for some time now, but am not very up-to-date on technology. Maybe this won't get through either. I like the support system that has been set up and am hoping to benefit from your experience in these issues. I have been living in a developing country for many years and some 6 weeks ago was diagnosed with invasive ductal cancer. Of course they want operated on as soon as possible but I insisted on a second opinion and the results of the biopsy first and have in the meantime been doing alternative treatments. It has since been confirmed as Progesterone and estrogen positive, HER2 negative. I have an apt. for a sonogram to see what has changed during this time before seeing the surgeon specialist again next week. My question is if anyone has any information or experience on alternative medicine to help control the hormone aspect of breast cancer with out getting on Tamoxifen? I'm pre-menopausal and would like to stay that way for awhile yet! If I can't get back online due to my technical ignorance, please keep up your wonderful comments and "interchange of encouragement"


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    Hi and Welcome!

    I just wanted to let you know that I too was pre-menopausal when I went on tamoxifen. It did not affect my periods at all. They were regular as usual. Tamoxifen blocks the estrogen receptors on the cancer cells, it does not stop your body from producing estrogen. Now if you have to take certain kinds of chemo, they can affect your periods. Ask lots of questions and read as much as you can. You are your best advocate of your own treatment. I also did alternative treatments. If you are interested in what I did, please email me on the site.

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