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hey all. today will be my 9th treatment of filfiri and i am just wore out. i now have what they call antisipatory vomiting which means i am sick b4 i even get there and throwing up. this is a true test at this time because my granny is going to be called to her eternal rest very soon after taking her to the doc yesterday she is having heart probs too but is in alot of pain. during treatment i cant get over there and i am trying to take as good care of her as i can. i need to find adoc for my dad too. i have taken care of hospice for my granny. in the mean time taking care of my own family. ohhhhhhh i need fr this cancer to go away, anyhow please keep me in prayer. take care all.



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    Hi nettie, I am so sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time, not only trying to take care of yourself but also your granny and your father. Are you getting support in all this caregiving. This is really the time when you should be able to concentrate on your own recovery, so I hope other family members or friends are helping you. Do take many more treatments do you have?

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    Nettie Wow, it sounds like you have the world on your shoulders. Overwhelming for someone who is not dealing with health issues. Your Grannie is lucky to have you helping her. Is there ANYONE who can help you out? Kids, friends, neighbors, church? This is not a time to be shy about asking for help. I've finally learned to say "Yes" when someone asks me if there's something they can do for me - a far cry from being Ms. Independant and doing it all on my own. I hope you get the help you need. You are in my thoughts.
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    Nettie honey,

    You need some help and you know it. I think it is time for you to let hospice provide your Granny with their care and let you spend quality time with her now. That should free you up some for your Dad. Do you have any other family close by that can help you? All that stress on you can't be do you any good.

    Please promise me you will try to get some help so you can take a day off. In the meantime, you and your entire family are in my thoughts and prayers!!!!!

    Lisa P.
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    I am so sorry, Nettie, that things are so difficult for you. I can certainly understand the anticipatory nausea. Just remember that in order to take care of the others, you first have to focus on yourself.

    You are in my heart and prayers. If you will send me a private email, I'll send you a healing bag.


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    Hi Nettie,
    I'm so sorry to hear that your having such a difficult time.
    Is there anyone that can help you? Setting up hospice for your granny is great, but how about someone to help with your family or to take care of you right now while you are going through treatment?
    I'm sending you and your family positive energy. Please try to take care of yourself!!
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    oh honey,

    I get so bummed (angry actually but how do I know your whole situation) that there isn't ANYONE helping YOU at a time like this. I'm not sure this is exactly encouraging--sorry. YOU are the one in need right now. Your family (kids) need YOU and there just has to be someone to help you out.

    Please delegate some of these responsibilities to others so you can just focus on healing YOU!!!

    What's wrong with your dad?

    nettie......I hope Calgon will take you away this weekend. :-)

    peace, emily who had to learn the hard way that I too am a Child of God worth taking care of!!!!
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    Ditto to all the other words of advice- try to find some time to take care of YOU and try to get rid of some of your stress...perhaps some anti-anxiety medication (ativan) before chemo might help a bit?
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    I echo what all the others have said. I wish there was someone who could help YOU. I will keep you in my prayers.
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    Oh sweet nettie,

    Holy cow!! You are such a giver!! But your tired body and your kids need more of you. Please try to give yourself a little break - allow yourself to rally your energy for your own healing. I agree with all the others, try to reach out and ask for some help - you deserve it sooo much. And know that those around you (family) are learning from you and feeling your love. You are such a blessing to everyone around you.

    I am not a very religious person, but I say a prayer before bed - you are always in my prayer.

    Try to find a little peace and breathing room, and healing room - physical, emotional, and spiritual.

    Be well. jana
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    Hi Nettie, Just a note to let you know that you are in my prayers, and your granny; may her passing be peaceful for her. Hang in there; you are getting so close to completing your treatments, than you can look forward to feeling back to hersefl with time. Judy