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Hiya all. I know that a lot of you have received the following message but you are all still in zzzzz I am a day ahead of you I thought I would post it for all to see. I am very sure that Lisa would have posted here but I think she is better off recuperating with some sleep.
From Lisa;
Well……..I’m a little groggy and a little sore, but a very good day……….my ovaries were fine, but one fallopian tube was filled with water and the short end on my colon (from my colostomy) was twisted and he thinks that was what was causing my pain. All will be sent off to pathology for the “official word” but the doc was not concerned at all. The GYN Onc. poked a couple of holes in my tummy and stuck a camera in and perused around and was thrilled with what he saw. He was all smiles, so I am too!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and they definitely worked again!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs and kisses and now bedtime……….

My love to you all,



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    Huh? Who put all tha AA's in tha post?...I'm innocent!
    Rest and re-coup from Ross n Jen
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    Thank you my dear Kanga and Jen!!!!!!

    I haven't told many about exactly what was going on cuz I wasn't real sure myself. BUT, it was a scare to me. Back in July when I heard NED for the first time, the CT scans showed my right ovary to be about 3 times the diameter it should be. Subsequent testing showed what appeared to be cysts and my colorectal and GYN oncologists did not think it was cancer related, but you all know how once the c word gets in your head, it never leaves.

    I had a choice to have my ovaries removed and my colostomy bag reversed all at once and decided to delay the bag reversal for now and hope they could remove the ovaries laproscopically. The pain was becoming pretty intense especially about 10 days every month.

    Yesterday, the were able to remove the ovaries laprascopically, the doc was thrilled with that given all the scar tissue. One fallopian tube was filled with fluid (not sure why yet) and the short end of my colon (from the colostomy) was all kinked up and folded over. He was able to "straighen" it back out and after not being able to sleep on my right side for a few months, I slept just fine last night.

    The pathology reports will be back in several days for "offical word" but the oncologists was not concerned at all. He did poke a couple of extra holes into my tummy, inserted a camera and snooped around and was very pleased with what he "did not" see. He was obviously very pleased and was all smiles. Yes, that was contagious.

    I was able to come home last night and am not even on pain killers so far today. I have cried a few happy tears and will now relax a little and getting ready for my quarterly testing the end of next week to see what the **** cells are up to now (if anything).

    I am posting this to let you all know that we do have pains but sometimes, it is a result of surgeries and not related to cancer at all. Now, I get back to my juicing, green drink, etc, etc, routine.

    Hugs to you all and keep up the good fight.

    Lisa P.
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    Hi Semi Colons,

    I spoke with Lisa lastnight and everything went great Thank God..... I'm sorry I never got to the board lastnight to post, my best friend who's son has a very rare blood disease known as PNH needed me. Her husband & son are in the USA seeking treatment and the sad part is there is none at this point ( vary rare ) he's the only child in Canada with this disease. The sad part is, the disease is worse then any cancer. Anyway the long of the short there house caught on fire lastnight and they came to stay with me. Sylvia & I set and had a girls talk till 2 am this morning, again I'm very sorry.
    It's very hard for a mother to watch her 14 year old son getting sicker by the day and the Dr's can't do much.

    Baby Lisa