Take Dogs for a walk and Still

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Hello my Chemo Doctor said for me to exersize well I have been taking Copper and Roxie for 1 and 3/4 mile walk and still tires me out and I cant tell any difference at all because I still feel tired .Does any one feel tired after they walk or exersize also or is it just in my mind. I'm Trying to exersize like my doctor told me to.


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    Hmmm..wonder how many docs that suggest exercising through chemo have actually ever been on chemo and tried to exercise???

    I found that I tired very easily. One day I went out to pull weeds and I ended up so tired I could barely walk back up the driveway. I say you have to listen to your body. If it says rest, then rest. If it says exercise, then exercise but don't expect too much of yourself or get disappointed if you don't go as far as your used to be able to.

    I salute you for even trying! 1.75 miles is a good distance and I'll bet even Copper and Roxie were tired!