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I hate to bring up an unpleasant topic but I need the truth. (Thanks, by the way, to those that responded to my post regarding Xeloda. Very helpful.) I read that radiation for one cancer most likely leads to the development of another cancer. Can I get some feedback about this? Again I'm inquiring for a friend that is not computer saavy. Thanks in advance.


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    I have heard this, but believe that the benefits of radiation for rectal cancer outweigh the possibility of another cancer. I chose to have the radiation and worry about another cancer later on if it occurs.
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    I think "most likely" leads to another cancer is a bit of an overstatement. Perhaps the more accurate term is "places you at higher risk" for other cancers. Still the benefits outweigh the risks (in my humble opinion, that is).
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    I agree with the other opinions offered regarding the risks of radiation. Many, many factors increase one's risk of developing another type of cancer, including having cancer. My husband went through 5 weeks of radiation to prepare for surgery and the radiation downstaged his cancer more than anyone expected. So knowing the risks is always the smart thing while evaluating but radiation has its benefits as well.
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    Hi Musiclover,

    I have read some comments by researhers on the subject they were discussing the the incidence of lung cancer after radiation for breast cancer. apparently there was a higher incidence of lung cancer in this group but in most cases it was occuring 17-20 years after the radiation. At the time when it was given the treatment was nowhere as well organised or targetted as it is now, the general consensus was that it could not really be considered as a real problem and that radiation was a very successful way of treating cancer and extending life Ron.