FOLFOX side effect and Artery infusion of Chemo agent

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My brother has stage IV and he finished his first chemo 2 wks ago using 5-FU/Leucovorin. After talking to some doctors we think it might be more effective to resume with addition of Oxaliplatin, which will be the FOLFOX regimen. If you have taken this therapy before can you tell me what are the major side effects and how severe are they. Did you take any medication for that? My brother is not in his best shape (he is 5'9 and only weighs 115 pounds) so I don't know if the side-effect will be more pronounced. Also the doctor recommended some sort of mesentery artery infusion. To my understanding it is to deliver the chemo agent directly into his intestine, which is where the biggest tumor mass is (3.6' x 3.2') and where the metastasis most extensively occurred. If you have similar experience would you please comment on that too? Like side-effect profile, etc.
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    Hi Richard,

    If you go to page 4 on this site, there is a message posted by CrazyLady (Jamie) titled "Folfox" dated 10-20-05 where several people shared their experiences with FOLFOX. Also on 10-12-05, there was a post by goldfinch (Mary) titled "to all who've tried oxaliplatin", , where several folk did the same.

    The main medication I take for side effects is antiemetics (before, during and after the chemo). I use Kytril and Zofran -- there are various other options. Some people have allergic reaction to the oxaliplatin. I take piriton (antihistamine) before, and during chemo, as I showed a minor but possible allergic reaction. If white or red blood cell counts are problematic, there are meds for that. Same for diarrhea.

    I have heard of mesentery artery infusion but I'm afraid I don't know anything about it.

    Wishing your brother all the best -- and best wishes to you.