Working with a Nauturopathic Doctor

surferbill Member Posts: 1
I was wondering if there is anyone who has worked with a naturopathic Doctor while undergoing chemo. My Oncologist is telling me to get off supplements during chemo and I am confused.


  • twinkletoes
    twinkletoes Member Posts: 4
    Hi SurferBill, I just finished my last round of chemo for NHL, and the whole time I really wanted to take vitamins, supplements, herbs, etc. but my oncologist was very against it because they don't want there to be any interactions. It's frustrating cause you know your body needs some natural help against all the toxins of chemo, but I just waited until I was finished with chemo and now I am going to a natural Nutritionist who is helping me regain strength, health, etc.

    How long do you have to go until you're done?