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Hi Everyone, It's been a long time since I have had any reason to worry about my health. But now I am almost ready to panic. I work with young children and have had a nasty infection going on. I finally got some antibiotics after 8 days of being told it was a common cold. Well the good news is my head is starting to clear, but my voice is very hoarse and is bringing back some of the old times when my voice was hoarse before I was diagnosed. I am going to set up an appointment with my oncologist, but I am not sure whether I am jumping the gun or I should really be worried. What do you think? Thanks


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    I think that no one knows your body better than you! :) I know if I am concerned, my onc doesn't mind seeing me and that makes me comforted.

    I too am hoarse, but know that it is mostly from the radiation that I received. It hasn't gone away at all and gets worse when I talk a lot or am sick.

    Good luck to you - keep us updated.
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    Hi Stepet,
    I agree with Lisa. Oncologists worth their salt encourage their patients to seek medical attention when something worries them. This could be just allergies and if so your physician will put your mind at ease. Go get checked. God bless.
    -Michael (leukemia survivor)
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    Hi, I got checked out today. No obvious signs of a problem. I had a chest x-ray and hope that is clean. It's only been 3 years since diagnosis in November, so the next two years can't go fast enough! I hope to stay free and clear!